Nutrimart Ltd. wan born in 2003, a renowned medicine importer company from Bangladesh.We import different types of life saving drugs from different countries. Nutri Mart Ltd. has the logistical strength to supply the retailers. With over all 60 Marketing Officer work very carefully. We can fulfill the most rigorous supply chain requirements. The company also has the individualized customer focus to serve a long list of small and medium retailers as well.

The aim behind Nutri Mart Ltd. is to provide best quality services at affordable prices to service the specific requirements of the clients. Our business strategy is to bestow responsive incorporation services, legal and quality management services to large, small and medium sized enterprises globally..


To actively participate and become a premier player in the rapidly growing market in the region and in the segment where the company provides products and services to the local economics; thus, the company is being successful in maintaining a stable and impressive position.


Nutrimart Ltd. leads the way in creating point of care to make Life saving Products more affordable to people all around the Country with the philosophy.

  • Close Affiliation With Honorable Customers
  • High Quality in Products & Service
  • Affordable Price
  • Superior Flexibility.

Key Function :

  • Import
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Indenting
  • Third Party Products Marketing and Distribution.


  • Import Registration Certificate.
  • Incorporation Certificate.
  • Company Registration Certificate.
  • Indenting Membership Certificate.
  • Indenting Registration Certificate.
  • Drugs Wholesaler License.
  • Trade License for Distribution & Marketing.
  • Value Add Tax Certificate.
  • Tax Indentify Number Certificate.


Our supply, distribution and services are served by highly trained teams of professionals, pharmacists and technicians.

The company possesses 60 qualified personnel consisting of three managers, one accountant, three executives, thirty sales executives, eight sales & distributive man, two computer operators, one clerk and two messengers.

As the Human Resources is the core parameter for the success of a company therefore, keeping this success ongoing and constant; it requires an organized schedule for capacity building. It worth to mention that staff are regularly attending the refresher training sessions related to their professions from time to time.


  • Prompt services; adequate to the customer’s needs
  • Maintaining complete basket of quality products
  • Delivering products and services regularly, including remote distances
  • Availability of products all the time with affordable prices
  • Qualified management team
  • Skilled Sales & Marketing team
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team consisting of doctors, pharmacists etc.
  • Standard medicine stocks and distribution chain
  • Satisfactory external relation with health sectors
  • Facilitates improvement of science and knowledge for health society


Nutrimart Ltd. is associated with import and marketing of quality products from world recognized pharmaceutical manufacturers of optimum reputation. Following are the sources who strengthened us by choosing as partner for marketing their products in Bangladesh.

Hexagon Nutritionforayed into the Nutrition Industry, way back in 1991. Two decades down since its inception Hexagon Nutrition has successfully attempted and excelled in expanding its horizons through its persistent efforts and undying termination. The company’s initial years were dedicated to applied research in micronutrient premixes for food fortification, a complete nutritional product.

Kimal® are an innovative and trusted developer, manufacturer and supplier of customized procedure packs and vascular access devices for use across a range of clinical departments. As a proudly independent company, our responsiveness and agility, combined with strong partnership. Kimalwas formed by George and Diana Press in 1964.

Americo We are a leading worldwide manufacturer of private label disposable medical products. We are known for our commitment to our customers, delivering the superior quality, innovative solutions and exceptional value that they expect and deserve. At Americo, we are committed to building and adhering to sustainable business practices that foster lasting relationships with customers.

CS Airpor (Taiwan)

Solaeis the world leader in developing soy based technologies and ingredients enjoyed by consumers around the world in products such as baked goods, averages, nutrition bars, meats, vegetarian meals and much more. Since Solae's inception more than 50 years ago, Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Solae was formed in 2003


Nutrimart Ltd. is working to distribute their products throughout the country and has a strong distribution channel for this. Following is the map of distribution channel that works to make their supply available where and when it is needed.

Dhaka Office
Comilla, Barishal, Khunla, Mymensing
60/D Purana Platan, (2nd Floor), Dhaka-1000

Chittagong Office
Greater Chittagong
Janani Mansion, 758/B, Chatteswari Road,
Dhampara, Chittagong.

Sylhet Office
Greater Sylhet
171, Parkul House, Kajal Shah,

Rajshahi Office
Rajshahi, Rangpur, Borga, Dinajpur
Sachcha Enterprise, Laxmipur More,