Greater Protection | Increased Safety | Improved Performance

The AltiusHP  adult central venous catheter range offers increased flexibility as a wider range of treatments can be delivered through one catheter without compromising on flow. More lumens and improved flow reduce the need to insert additional lines, resulting in minimised risk of catheter related bloodstream infection.

The AltiusHP adult central venous catheter range includes a high pressure line to administer contrast media along with standard fluids and medical products. There is no need to insert an additional line to diagnose issues, saving critical time, decreasing avoidable infection and reducing equipment cost.

Dedicated high pressure lumen guaranteed to deliver contrast media with a viscosity rating of 11.8cp units at 300psi with a flow of 10ml/sec.

AltiusHP adult central venous catheters utilises Multi-Tube™ Technology to produce a catheter with round lumens, resulting in 40% more flow without increasing the size of the catheter.
  • High Pressure Line incorporated to allow for high pressure contrast media infusions.
  • LuerSafe™ needle free connector for increased safety
  • Full colour coded lumens
  • Integrated suture wing
  • Full range of lumens and lengths
  • Soft tip
  • Multi-Tube™ technology for improved performance